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Nuevas Tecnologías de Fabricación

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The training will consist an explanation of the principal technologies and the general Ford standard. It will provide solutions for the main problems that the workers have to solve in production.


- Fordtech - Return to Home - Safety Position - Backup and restore from pc line - Machine data - Reference, brake test, brake test park

- Tipdress Eg servo Bosch - Tipdress servo Bosch - Welding technology - Zero of the gun and wears of the electrodes

Identify the start point of the signals of the principal standard technologies. - Docking - GRPS - GRPS Magnet - GRPS vac - Bolt welding Serra - Nut welding - Stud welding

- Sealer 1 gun on robot - Isra and a general vision of the vision applications - Questions and doubts of applications - Included manual to configure all general Ethernet modules of the plant

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