Training Area

The Continuous Training Area has 24 fully equipped classrooms, Conference Hall, Innovation Rooms, Quiet Rooms, Virtual Reality rooms, Robotics rooms, etc…

Conference Hall

Virtual Reality Rooms

Innovation Rooms

Robotics Rooms

Ford of Spain Equipment

The FDI Training Area uses the equipment and training facilities of the Ford of Spain Training Center

New technologies


  • 2 Kuka Mobile SZ Agilus V2 training cells + KR 6 R700 robots
  • 2 Kuka KR 6 R700 Robots + KR C4 control units
  • 2 ABB IRB120 robots + IRC5 Compact controllers

Collaborative Robots

  • Kuka IIWA collaborative-sensitive robot
  • 2 Universal Robots Collaborative Robots

Virtual Reality

  • 2 fully equipped rooms (last generation hardware + software, different costumized environments, trainers…)

Additive Manufacturing

  • Different design software (CAD, Inventor, Katia, etc.)
  • BCN3D printer, etc
  • Practical printers for the students