The Foundation for the Development and Innovation (FDI) was created by the Generalitat Valenciana in collaboration with Ford Spain in mid-2001; the Training Area was also created at the same time whit the initial purpose of solving the lack of training offer in the automotive sector, and then to contribute to consolidate the automotive industry and its suppliers.
Over time, this objective has been extended to all areas of knowledge and other productive sectors. That is why the FDI Training Area has the ideal facilities and the most specialized professionals in the different training areas.

Training Team

The Foundation for Development and Innovation, in its Training Area, hires the most suitable teachers based on the large experience and knowledge of the Ford Spain S.A. Training Center.
Thus, the training team comes from both consulting companies and independent experts and staff from the universities of Valencia.
When required, we bring experts from wherever neccesary, providing simultaneous translation and materials in Spanish.
Our training is also willing to move to the corporate headquarters of the companies, wherever they are located.

The training goals of the FDI Training Area are being permanently reviewed, in order to guarantee the highest quality of the activities offered.


Concrete and specific identification of the training needs of our costumer, providing high-quality training and development programs that meet or exceed their expectations.


Objective evaluation and development of standards to monitor the best possible methods, processes and experiences, both for the continuous training of our costumer and for our Vocational Training.


Alignment of our training programs and services with the needs of our costumer, through regular quality monitoring.


Implementation of programs that provide attendees with opportunities for personal growth, productivity improvements, proactivity, self-esteem…

Our mission

Empowerment of human capital

The FDI Training Area offers vocational and continuous training plans oriented to the changing demands of the market; At the same time, we keep the best fees to meet the demand and expectations of our customers. FDI thus intends to contribute to the empowerment of the human capital of the companies of the industrial sites of the Valencian Community.

We create the right environment for learning

We strongly influence the work of our organization, so we are responsible for the quality of its results. We create the ideal learning environment, encouraging participants to get involved and enjoy the training activity.

Support career guidance

In our costumer’s organizations we are involved in the development of motivated and well-trained employees. We support and promote both their academic training and their professional retraining and development.